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The Studio

Our team of designers, strategists, marketers & developers, led by Singer Matthews, combines expertise and passion to elevate brands and transform industries.

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About Singer

"I believe a creative eye is not something that can be taught; it's something you're simply gifted with or you’re not. Each and every one of us has a superpower, I discovered mine in making things beautiful through visual storytelling."  - Singer


A visionary in the realm of creative direction and marketing, is devoted to engaging our human senses—sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell—to feel something.


Starting her career in ready-to-wear fashion within the realm of visual merchandising & styling.  She then became the creative force behind launching a revolutionary concept of restaurants in London, where her passion for brand conceptualization, brand identity, art direction, and marketing flourished. It was in this setting that she fell in love with crafting unique, consistent, and memorable brand experiences at every touchpoint.

Inspired by her success in creating and launching these innovative concepts, Singer founded House of Layers—a referral-only creative studio dedicated to helping others build brand experiences through a mission and vision that reaches beyond basic aesthetics, creating sustainable identities through intimate connections. "There's layers to this shit."


Through House of Layers, Singer has had the privilege of collaborating with some of the best brands, from startups securing venture capital funding to already thriving companies seeking fresh creative juices and perspectives. The studio's focus remains resolute—providing humans with opportunities to feel something, regardless of how, where, and what, fostering community, storytelling, and memorable moments to maximize. sales.


For Singer, successful brands are not just about products or services; they are about living a mission with a consistent brand identity that builds communities and creates moments worth experiencing. In Singer's world, there are always layers to uncover, and through her unique approach, she continues to shape the landscape of brand experiences that resonate deeply with people.

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